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The Situation

  • According to industry figures, there are over four million legacy Telecare devices currently active in the UK.
  • Unbelievably, c84% of these are still Analogue and will simply cease to function when BT and OpenReach switch off the analogue phone network!
  • This is already well underway and due to be completed by the end of 2025. 
  • This means millions of vulnerable individuals could be left without Telecare support.​
The Challenges
  • How do we upgrade all of these devices to a Digital alternative before 2025?​
  • How can we truly access Digital?​
  • How can we change Telecare’s “Badge of Infirmity” image?​
  • How can we work within Budgetary constraints?
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Vita+ Package Includes
  • 1 x Yorbl Amica Basic Wearable
  • 1 x Yorbl Analytics Basic Account
  • Monthly subscription to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) – OPTIONAL
  • Remote Device Monitoring with Alerts (i.e. Device Disconnected, Offline, Low Battery etc.)
  • Remote DeviceManagement (critical updates and patching)
  • Remote Management Portal for Scheme Managers/Wardens/Family Members etc…
  • 1 x SIM card and data subscription​

Yorbl Vita+

Yorbl Vita+ is our flagship digital dispersed alarm system.

It offers all the functionality as your old, unattractive and outdated legacy system but with so much more.

With high-speed WiFi connectivity, backed up automatically by on board 4G/LTE when needed, Yorbl Vita+ can be monitored, managed and updated “over the air” in a moment with new features and functionality.

As with all our solutions, Vita+ has been designed from the ground up to ensure it can quickly be adapted to a user’s changing needs and environment.  Never again will Telecare be “boxed in” by outdated technology or an old legacy mindset.

And it’s not just about features and functionality.

We recognised that the traditional “ugly box with a red button” look of current Telecare solutions were nothing more than a “badge of infirmity” for users.  A clear and negative indicator to them that they had now entered the world of the old and infirm.

Not with Yorbl – Our technology is there to improve life, health and safety.  To prolong independence.  So why shouldn’t it be attractive too?

That is why Yorbl runs on powerful, world class “SMART” devices that are familiar, attractive and even aspirational in look and feel.

To top this all off, we’ve thought about your pockets too!

Yorbl devices are all aggressively priced and offer a range of purchase or rental options, including full 24 hour Alarm Receiving Centre(ARC) support.

In addition, your monthly subscription also includes one free Yorbl Amica Basic wearable Fall Detector/Alarm Button and full access to our powerful Yorbl Analytics Basic as well!

  • Red Button for help       
  • Green Button for I’m OK         
  • Voice Control for above
  • The device will be secured, locked down and made robust by Yorbl. All other functionality will be removed/disabled.
  • Vita+ is designed to remain plugged in at all times (as the microphone is open, brightness is turned up to full and power management is disabled).
  • A customer should look at the battery as a backup ONLY, should power outage in the dwelling occur (typically when someone could need help or assistance the most).


  Feature Rich Digital Telecare – Built to TSA TECS standard for Telecare devices 2 SIZE OPTIONS  
About Yorbl Vita+

Our Flagship Digital Dispersed Alarm System

  • Available on both the LenovoM10 (10 inch) tablet and Nokia Hope (6.5 inch)
  • High speed WiFi connection
  • Automatic Mobile SIM backup (should WiFi fail or not be available)
  • Touch screen and voice Control “Excuse Me, Get Help
  • Designed to be permanently powered
  • Includes case with integrated stand and Screen Protector
  • Battery support for use in a power failure
  • Can support up to four Yorbl Amica wearables (so great for a multi-person household)
  • Additional functionality can be configured based on a scheme’s needs with messaging, voice and video calling
  • Initiate and receive remote medical appointments using Visionable
  • Can support the full range of Sensors for activity, environment and wellbeing monitoring
  • Fully integrated with Yorbl Analytics
  • SMART Home control (Coming soon)
  • N.B. Dock not included​

Which Vita is right for you?

Yorbl Vita

Yorbl Vita is the entry level option in our unique range of truly digital, app based telecare solutions.
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Let’s get ready to Yorbl!

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Yorbl Vita with Green Help Button on Motorola E20 Phone

Yorbl Vita

Throw away your old analogue box and we’ll throw you a digital Vita.


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