Yorbl Announces Partnership with Vayyar

Yorbl Announces Partnership with Vayyar

Written by Lauren Bate

March 1, 2022

Yorbl Announces Partnership with Vayyar

Yorbl Technologies is excited to announce that it will be partnering with Vayyar Care, a global leader in 4D radar imaging technology.

Yorbl Technologies is a rapidly growing UK Technology start-up and a true pioneer in the development of ground-breaking Digital Health and Care solutions that are focused entirely on enabling users to live healthily, independently, and safely for as long as possible.

Vayyar Care is built around unique touchless technology that provides remote monitoring for people in a wide range of care settings.

Unlike any other products on the market that rely on cameras and optics, Vayyar Care is built around non-optical 4D imaging, providing 24/7 fall detection and unique visibility into activity.

Peter Reed-Forrester, CEO and Founder of Yorbl stated “We are very excited to be working with Vayyar and Panacea Healthcare Group. We believe that the combination of Vayyar’s technology, the wider capabilities of our unique Ecosystem and the research we are engaged in with the experts at the Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator (HTA) will enable us to produce a revolutionary set of “touchless solutions” that will power Digital Health and Care into the future and make current “Fall Detection” and “Activity Sensor” technology look thoroughly outdated and outclassed.

“I’m delighted that Vayyar Care is now a core component of Yorbl’s unique ecosystem,” said Stuart Barclay Vayyar Care UK Sales Director. “With the care sector undergoing fundamental transformation, this is an historic opportunity to make a real difference to care recipients by unlocking true preventative and personalised outcomes while respecting users’ dignity, privacy and independence.”

Vayyar’s products will be fully integrated with the Yorbl Digital Health & Care Ecosystem and, as a result, will also benefit from the R&D around Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning Yorbl are conducting with the Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator (HTA), an innovation and accelerator partnership, drawing on the research, clinical, commercial, and business accelerator expertise of its founding partners.

Ginny Common, Centre Manager at Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator, said: “We were delighted to welcome Yorbl as the first company to join the HTA fold, and we’re equally excited by the news that they are now partnering with Vayyar Care.

“This collaborative approach, of bringing together a range of innovations and innovators to address health and social care challenges, is perfectly in line with the HTA’s own aim and we look forward to working with both companies.”

For further information about Yorbl and its solutions visit yorbl.com or contact Josh Jones, Business Development Manager: josh.jones@yorbl.com or call the team on 0330 120 1520.

For further information about Vayyar Care and its solutions visit info.vayyar.com/care/uk or contact Stuart Barclay, UK Sales Director: Stuart.barclay@vayyar.com

To learn more about the Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator go to www.surreyheartlandshta.uk.

For media enquiries please contact Katherine.Robbins@yorbl.com 

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