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Written by Lauren Bate

January 24, 2022

Technology Enabled Living is at the heart of everything Yorbl do. It’s about embracing getting old, it’s about looking and feeling good. It’s about much more than Technology Enabled Care

You’ve heard of Technology Enabled Care (TEC) which allows seniors or disabled people to continue to maintain their independence. But have you heard of Technology Enabled Living? Yorbl believes in Technology Enabled Living, not just Technology Enabled Care. We believe that Technology is a way of life and positively embracing growing old is the way forward.  

It’s time to rebrand and shake up the telecare industry. Industry figures show that there are more than 12 million people over the age of 65 in the United Kingdom, and that number is expected to grow by 1.6% over 2021-22. People are living longer, and it’s time to provide telecare that doesn’t feel like being added to the scrap heap once you reach a certain age.  

The digital revolution, started in the 1980’s, over forty years ago with the Internet and later with mobile devices, social networking, big data, and computing clouds. Our seniors understand these products, they helped shape and create them, so why is the industry stuck in the dark ages? 

Now is the time Technology Enabled Care was taken out of the dark ages and into a brighter digital future of “Technology Enabled Living”. Why wait?

Yorbl are powered to ensure that independence is at the forefront of our mission and firmly believe that we need to remove the ‘badge of infirmity’ that is sometimes associated with TEC. Life is for living and Yorbl believes every single moment of it should be cherished and appreciated, not a feeling of dread that is sometimes marketed about growing old.  

Technology surrounds us every day, we turn on our TV, we switch on our iPads, we video call our friends, or we send a quick email. Many of us rely on technology every single day. Whether that’s popping in a work meeting on the e-calendar or setting reminders for birthdays, technology enables all of us to live an easier life. But how about for seniors or disabled people? 

Technology Enabled Living allows users to stay connected with one another either through messaging from the main reception to remind about upcoming communal events or gatherings, keeping up to date on social media with friends and family, fall detectors or reminders for doctors’ appointments or to take medication to name a few. 

Our innovative range of SMART Assisted Living Solutions are designed to be digital from the ground up. Our Technology Enabled Living products evolve with the user and break the stigma of being ‘lumped’ with a piece of ugly kit that brands users to ‘blend in’ whilst standing out.

Fashionable, functional, and fit for the future. Yorbl is ready to change the market. 

You might think that your elderly loved ones don’t need telecare equipment, but technology provides access to quicker support and can alleviate carers concerns and worries about their loved ones. A pendant fall detector can sense that its wearer has fallen, prompting an alarm that informs a family member, caregiver, or 24-hour monitoring team of the wearer’s situation.  

Looking to replace the legacy alarm system before the analogue switch-off which is fast approaching in 2025? Look no further than the Yorbl Lifeline, a fully digital dispersed alarm system which has no dependencies on the legacy analogue phone line.  

We’re confident users will feel supported and confident in our Yorbl Lifeline cost-effective digital dispersed alarm system, the staple product that grows and adapts to end users’ needs.  

Paired with our Amica, Yorbl Lifeline provides support at the touch of a button, or with voice control. Yorbl Lifeline provides carers the reassurance they need and gets users the support they require quicker and more efficiently. No additional or hidden costs, no extra contracts, or services to pay for.  

Get the reassurance you need and the help they might need at the touch of a button. Technology Enabled Living, the way it should be. 

Stay connected, stay protected and live Yorbl life today.  
















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