Vayyar Care Touchless Fall Detection for the Home

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If you fall, Vayyar Care will automatically get you help.

This unique touchless fall detection system uses wall-mounted devices to monitor rooms 24/7, detecting and tracking people in real time.

Vayyar Care works in all lighting conditions, including complete darkness, and even in dense steam. There are no buttons, no cords or other wearables and no cameras, maintaining privacy at all times. If Vayyar Care detects a fall, the Yorbl Device will call the Alarm Receiving Centre emergency helpline, ensuring their loved one gets the help they need.

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Vayyar Care is a unique touchless technology that monitors seniors around the home. If they fall, it gets help.

  • Vayyar Care works with Yorbl solutions to protect seniors and provide peace of mind to their families.
  • It’s a unique touchless fall detection system: just place it on the wall, and if there’s a fall it will get help.
  • After installation, the device enters learning mode for 7 days, to understand normal behaviour within the room. During this period, Vayyar Care does not detect falls.
  • Each wall-mounted device monitors a room 24/7 in all conditions: in complete darkness and even dense steam.
  • There are no buttons, no cords, no wearables, and no cameras, so privacy is maintained at all times.
  • Devices can be placed all around the home, in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room (stairwells not supported at this time).
  • When Vayyar Care detects a fall, the Yorbl Device will call the Alarm Receiving Centre, ensuring a loved one gets the help they need.
  • Constant monitoring and rapid response available when used with a Yorbl device.

Constant protection in all conditions

Because Vayyar Care doesn’t depend on cameras, so it maintains privacy at all times. Vayyar Care works in all lighting conditions, even in darkness providing complete protection when it’s hard to see, when tiredness increases the risk of a fall, and when it may be difficult to call for help after a fall.

Vayyar Care even operates in dense steam, safeguarding seniors in bathrooms where slips and trips most often happen, where people often remove their wearables and where cameras are rarely installed.

Privacy, dignity and independence

Putting on a wearable alarm often makes seniors feel like they’re compromising their independence and self-respect. That’s why a fifth of seniors refuse to use their devices, saying they don’t need them. A third of older adults simply forget to put them on.

What’s more, most seniors won’t trade in their privacy for physical security. Even if they’ll accept a camera in the living room, the bedroom and bathroom are off-limits.

Multi-room monitoring

Each Vayyar Care device monitors a room 24/7, detecting when a person goes from an upright to a horizontal position. Devices can be placed all around the home: in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room (stairwells not supported at this time).

A device has a range of 13 feet to the front and 6 feet 6 inches to either side. Large rooms may require more than one device. After installation, Vayyar Care identifies areas to monitor for falls by recognizing furniture such as beds, chairs, and closets where falls won’t happen.

Leading-edge technology

Vayyar Care’s advanced technology uses harmless radio frequency waves 1,000 weaker than a cell phone signal. Fully FCC-approved, it’s trusted by senior living communities around the world.

It operates in the 60 GHz frequency band and supports an ultra-wide vertical and horizontal field of view, monitoring an area of 169 ft². Each mains-powered device is just 3½” wide, ⅔” thick, weighs only 4oz, and functions in a temperature range of 32–104 ⁰F and at up to 95% humidity.


Brand name Vayyar Care
Key advantages Detects falls without cameras or requiring user to push a button, pull a cord or put on a wearable device
Sensor range Wall-mounted sensor (1.5m / 5 feet off floor) monitors a coverage area of 16m² / 169ft² – supports a 140⁰ azimuth (horizontal) and 70⁰ elevation (height) field of view
Recommended number of devices 1 in the bedroom, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom and 1 or more in the living room, depending on size (stairwells not supported at this time).
Device dimensions 9cm (3½”) diameter, 1.5cm (⅔”) depth
Device weight 110g (4oz)
Technology mmWave MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) radio frequency sensor
Frequency band 60 GHz
Communication Communicates via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) with Vayyar Cloud based on Google services
Temperature & humidity Operates in temperature range of 0-40 ⁰C (32–104 ⁰F) and at up to 95% humidity
Power requirements 5V input voltage fed from AC/DC transformer provided with the device – peak power consumption of 10W
Ean 7290111115677
Included components Vayyar Care device, double-sided adhesive strips, power adapter, user guide, measuring tape
Part number VC1BBUS01
Special notes Please be advised that Vayyar Care is not suitable for people with pets such as dogs or cats. Please also note that taking a bath will cause Vayyar Care to send a fall alert to a Yorbl device.
Support Please contact the manufacturer.

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