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New Products Launching Q2 2022


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The Yorbl range of sensors & peripherals brings exciting and innovative technology



About Yorbl Sensors & Peripherals

Providing a graphical view of collected data

  • Secured, running in Microsoft Azure Cloud and accessible from a Web Browser.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Digital Dashboards provide an easy to read graphical view
  • Overlay Sensors to build up a wellbeing snapshot.
  • Look at information over the last 30 days, or define a custom date range.
  • Export to CSV or PDF
  • Managers and carers can look across their entire scheme, quickly and easily.​​
Vayyar Wifi Radar Unit
Vayyar Wifi Radar Unit
Vayyar Care Logo

Working seamlessly with  Vayyar’s unique Touchless Activity Monitoring and Fall Detection technology 

Ideal for those living at home independently or in a Supported Living environment, Vayyar Care eliminates the need for cameras, buttons and wearable devices. It uses advanced imaging radar to monitor a room 24/7, in all conditions. If there’s a fall, it communicates directly with the Yorbl Cloud and calls for help.  Also, when integrated with Yorbl Analytics, collects rich data covering activity, occupancy etc., that can be viewed through the Yorbl portal and used to check wellbeing, inform care decisions and more.


Yorbl Sensors & Peripherals

Passive infra-red sensor – this will monitor areas for movement, for example, we can pick someone up enroute to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

SMART Plug appliance monitor –  this will report on the status of a device that is plugged into it. For example, we will be able to see when the kettle is turned on in the morning, or when the TV is switched on.

SMART Smoke detector – of course, monitoring for smoke in a building

RuuviTag – A wireless sensor node that can be attached to anything and measures: –

  • Temperature – We can monitor the ambient room temperature at night, which is useful when investigating sleep patterns and wellness.
  • Movement – With inbuilt “accelerometers”, our Ruuvi Tags will detect whenever the tag is moving.  Attach them to a door as part of mapping a person’s movements, a fridge or even a medicine cabinet as part of ensuring that someone is taking their medication.
  • Humidity – Between 30% and 50% is considered optimum in the home, and monitoring this is an important aspect of making sure a vulnerable person is as comfortable as they can be.
  • Air pressure – It is known that air pressure can have an impact on a person’s mood and general wellbeing. Collecting this and being able to overlay heart rate from our Yorbl Amica SMART Watch enables us to map out issues like lethargy – an early sign of ill health.

Coming soon:
Bed occupancy – getting up several times during the night indicates a very broken sleep pattern or in a worst case scenario not getting up at all in the morning can be the trigger to raise the alarm.

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Yorbl Tab

Addressing Digital Inclusion & Social Connectivity

Yorbl Hub

For community living and Housing Schemes

Yorbl Vita

Feature Rich – Built to TSA TECS & BSI Standards for Telecare devices


Yorbl Lifeline – It’s simple

Yorbl Lifeline – It’s simple

Yorbl Lifeline allows users to simply press when they need assistance, and provide reassurance to loved ones that they’re okay, at the push of a button. Touch screen and voice control, just say “Excuse me”. Live Longer, Live Better, Live SMARTer with Yorbl Lifeline....

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Reassurance at the touch of a button

Reassurance at the touch of a button

A report from the University of Lincoln and University of Sheffield in the UK found that offering reassurance to seniors and their families alleviates anxiety, fear or panic. These aspects of care can be as important as other performance measures such as response...

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Yorbl Announces Partnership with Vayyar

Yorbl Announces Partnership with Vayyar

Yorbl Announces Partnership with Vayyar Yorbl Technologies is excited to announce that it will be partnering with Vayyar Care, a global leader in 4D radar imaging technology. Yorbl Technologies is a rapidly growing UK Technology start-up and a true pioneer in the...

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Yorbl are officially certified as an Enovation UMO

Yorbl are officially certified as an Enovation UMO

Technology Enabled Living is at the heart of everything Yorbl do. That is why valuable partnerships that share our vision for a brighter digital future matter to us.  Yorbl is excited to announce that we are now officially certified as an Enovation UMO (Enovation UMO...

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